How to connect my Tesla Model 3 to Wi-Fi

Your Tesla Model 3 is able to connect to WiFi which is often a quicker and more reliable connection than your data connection. To receive reliable software and map updates it is recommended by Tesla that your Model 3 stays connected to WiFi as frequently as possible.

To connect to a WiFi Network on your Model 3 follow the below steps:


Step 1 – Touch the data icon in the top corner of your touchscreen. Your Tesla Model 3 will start scanning and display WiFi networks that are in range for your Tesla to connect to.

Step 2 –  Choose the Wifi Network you would like to connect to and enter the WiFi password. Your Model 3 is now connected to the WiFi network.

If the network you would like to connect your Tesla Model 3 to is a hidden network then touch ‘WiFi Settings’, type the name of the network you would like to connect to and then click ‘Add Network’.


Info –  If more than one network is within range your Tesla Model 3 will connect to the most recently used network.

Info – You can use mobile hotspots to connect for WiFi should you need to.

Info – Your Tesla will automatically connect to Tesla’s WiFi at a service centre.

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